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Anyone See Dr. Fouad? At C.c


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Thats the one I'm going to see 1st week of July :o I know its still some time away but I can't wait !!!!!!

I have a few questions is it a good idea to write down all my symptoms or does this aggravate a doctor? Could I actually get a DX formally with just my 1st visit? or am I too hopeful.

If you did she her was testing done right away or within a few days? Cause I can't leave my kids too long at grandmas house :rolleyes:

And did you get a discount for hotels from C.C? Prices are ridiculous!

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I saw a different doc there, Dr. Jaeger.

You will get a folder in the mail from Cleveland Clinic that will contain information on numbers to call to inquire about discounts at nearby hotels (if you haven't already). I didn't stay overnight, so I'm not sure how that works. Hopefully someone with experience going there from out of state can give you more information on how quickly the scheduling works, too.

You definitely want the doctor to know about your symptoms, but I understand your concern about coming in with a huge list to bombard the doctor. It can't hurt to have everything written down, but maybe highlight the things you feel are most important and realize that you may not get to everything in your initial meeting with the doctor.

Good luck with everything!

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I should have mentioned this in my other post. The first day, they will have you do a tilt table test. Other testing will be scheduled, based on that. If it's other ans testing, since it's in the same department, they're pretty good about squeezing you in fast. I had to be seen in another department, and that was somewhat more complicated. It's a fairly tightly run ship, and she's very good at diagnostic testing. I had the ttt one day, and then came back soon after for hemodynamic testing and another ans tests, because of the results of my ttt.

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Hi Mae,

Dr. Fouad oversaw and read a couple of the tests I had done at CC back in March. She was very knowledgeable and the sweetest person I met while I was there. I did not see her as her patient. I was feeling really bad after one of the tests and she checked on me and actually got a drink for me out of my bag. I felt very comfortable with her.

CC was a bit overwhelming for a small town girl like me. The advice I can give you is to take plenty of snacks and drinks as you might have a long wait. I stayed at the CC Guesthouse which is right across the street from the entrance to the CC. The hotel was nice and the little restautant attached to it has great food. We stayed there so we didn't have to try to find parking. I think the price was about $120 a night. The higher price was worth it to me to be able to walk across the road and be at the CC entrance. I was actually able to walk the distance back and forth on the first day of my testing and to the CC on the second day of my testing, but not able to walk back over after my testing. My husband just walked over and got the car and came and got me. I had 5 tests done so I spread them out over two days. The first appt was just a consult and then they ordered the tests and I went back about 3 weeks later to have them.

I will tell you that it took me 8 weeks to get the report from my doctor but that was a different doctor.

If you have any other questions please let me know. I hope you feel better


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