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First Endocrinologist Visit

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Hey Fellow Forumers~

I am finally going to see an endocrinologist and need some of your wisdom on which tests are the important ones to have done. Adrenal gland function? Blood flow/oxygen levels? Level of hormones? Please help if you can. It'll be greatly appreciated!

Take care & cheers,


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Depends on your symptoms of course, but I had:




TSH/thyroid panel

For me they were also looking at Pituitary function so I also had:

Sex hormones (over a month)

Growth Hormone

Insulin-like growth factor

Does this MD know anything about POTS??????????

If not, bring an overview article from Dr. Grubb or Vanderbilt.

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Endocrinologists specialise in problems with the body's hormones and the glands that secrete them.

The most common endocrine problems are diabetes and thyroid problems.

What tests are done will depend on what symptoms you have. I suggest that you write dowm a list of all your symptoms and take it to the doctor - he/she should then be able to suggest the most appropriate tests for you.

I don't think that endocrinologists would usually be involved in testing blood flow or oxygen levels.

Let us know how you get on,


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