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hey everyone hope you are all ok.im been feeling very ill the past week.all my pots symptoms seem to have got worse.i have a new symptom thats worrying me abit. my head keeps jerking it will just kind of swing back and my arm will jerk i think i might be muscle spasms in my neck and back.my balance and memory have also got alot worse in the past week since ive felt bad. does anyone else experince this.it like i have no control over my movements.

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I have to ask, when does this happen?

I do the muscle spams thing alot. It is ususally at it's worst around bed time or when I'm trying to relax.

Do you have anything else odd happening? ear aches, headaches?

Try a heating pad to relax your muscles as you finish up your day. Or mabey a hot shower or bath?

Good luck, Blackwolf

PS As too the balance, I haven't had good balance for years( I use a cane to help out ). Memory is a come and go thing too.

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Hi Hayley,

I don't have the muscle spasms (just sometimes when I'm in bed) but not very often. But I do have very much problems with balance and memory loss. I did have the memory loss a few years ago but think that was from all the stress I had finding out what was wrong with me. When I was diagnosed I calmed down and the memory loss became better. Nowadays (since the last three or four months) I have again a lot off memory loss (mostly short term) but I also seem to loose things I should have known. At least that's what my husband says, I really don't know it myself. It worries me very very much. My familydoctor asked my neuro to do a neuropsychological test and that's what I'm waiting for right now. Since I'm doing worse with other symptoms as well it sometimes really scares me!. To try and make things better I do concentrationgames and memorygames at the computer. The things you try to make this crazy POTS become better ey! :ph34r:


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