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Zebeta And Anxiety

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Well, chalk up another beta blocker for me. After being on atenolol for a month, I was switched to propanolol for 4 days and started getting weird heart beats and just not feeling great. Enter zebeta (bisoprolol) at 2.5mg. Felt ok for the first hour or so and then, wham! Major anxiety attack. Felt like my whole body was being bombarded by adrenaline. Couldn't eat felt lousy and had some minor chest discomfort. And to boot, my pressure skyrocketed!

Of course I have a call into Dr. G*d who's yet to call me back and I'm due shortly for another dose. Not sure if I should just take 1/2 at 1.25 or what. I know it's dangerous to just stop bbs but what if he doesn't deem to call me? I also feel like I have a hangover with a horrid headache.

Any advice? Has anyone else ever experienced this while on zebeta?

Thank you.


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I might be able to explain this. Maybe, no promises.

But in me I get significant anxiety when my POTS is really bad. Its not like a mental anxiety - more a physiological thing. Itr improves as my symptoms do.

beta blockers help with this symptom immensely but ONLY - and i really need to emphasise this point - only if im lying down a fair bit. If i stand or sit all day (at work) beta blockers make me even dizzier and eventually makes the overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system ten times worse because the blood flow is less.

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