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pumping in head when arch your back


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i notice i get bad pumping and fast heart rate when i arch my back or tilt my head back, its better when i hunch forward, do any of you experience this? and is this a sign of chiari malformation? thanks for any input. any solution to help this? my lower back is really in bad shape since i have to hunch over.

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Again, same here. I am a chronic "hunchback" :)

When I sit up straight (or stand) my tachycardia kicks in, and if I stay that way eventually I start to get lightheaded. My old doctor once told me that even before I knew that I had POTS, I probably did this to compensate without realizing it. There are a lot of positions that people with orthostatic intolerance will stand in (or sit) wihtout even thinking about it, because they are most comfortable for us.

I love yoga, it seems to be the only form of exercise I can tolerate- but I've noticed that when I do a position where my arms are extended or my back is arched, that definitely happens.

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