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Doctor in D.C. Area


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Hi! I just moved from the DC area. There are several doctors that I've heard of that specialize in POTS, but I was never able to find a general practicioner who really understood it. Do you already see a POTS specialist? Some of the popular names in the area are:

Dr. Ramesh K. Khurana

Hawthorne Office Park

10780 Hickory Ridge Road

Columbia, MD 21044


Dr. Alan Pocinki

2141 K St. N.W.

Suite 606

Washington, DC 20037


Dr. Robert Hoeldtke

WVU Medical School


Morgantown, WV 26506

Phone: (304) 293-4125

Dr. Hoeldtke has had some great success with various treatments. I have never seen any of them personally, but have heard some good about each.

I'm sure some others will have good information for you- you can also post on the Virginia board for more specific info. With my PCP I just gave them the basic overview and then they worked in conjunction with my specialist when needed. Good luck to you!!

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Hi ethansmom,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I have seen Dr. Khurana. However, I need to find a primary care doctor to manage and understand all the doctors and issues involved. Otherwise, you start spinning your wheels again with doctors who second guess diagnoses. Then you spend money and time on new and usually unnecessary tests. I have heard of Dr. Pocinki, but don't know anything about him including what type of doctor he is.

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Etoly, I would think that it would be near impossible for a primary care physician to have the knowledge base necessary to treat the likes of us. I, too, go to Dr. Khurana and I've asked him to recommend specialists in the areas of medicine where I am most affected, namely, endocrinology, cardiology, and gastroenterology. I do not expect my primary care physician to know enough about the individual aspects of my physiology as they relate to POTS, though I DO have a PCP in Baltimore who has heard of POTS. That's a start. But since POTS can affect so many different aspects of our bodies, how COULD a PCP possibly do anything but hold onto the notes from everyone else? Even Dr. Khurana is aware that he does not have the knowledge necessary to treat the endocrine aspect of this problem, or the cariological aspect, etc., so how could a PCP do it with even less knowledge?

Anyway, from what I've read on this forum, I thought the best bet would be to have the physician who is treating you for POTS (Dr. Khurana, in this case) recommend a colleague of his that understands POTS who could help you with the specifics of a particular body system. That way, the recommended doctor could confer with Dr. Khurana, get his input, is aware of your POTS diagnosis and then both of them, together, can work for your good (you hope). For example, when you next see Dr. Khurana, if you are having gastro problems, you can tell him that and ask HIM for a recommndation for a gastro person who understands somewhat about POTS.

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Thanks, futurehope, for your input. I completely understand your point, but the problem is that sometimes the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, so chaos can occur. Therefore, it is better to have someone there in the middle managing it all. That is what I have experienced and it just adds to all the frustration. I know I have to (and have been) my own advocate, but at some point, a medical professional needs to be there to help. A good, knowledgeable, hands-on PCP is key!

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I have a wonderful internist in suburban Maryland, right outside of DC. Regrettably I don't think she is taking new patients. The main thing is to find a PCP who is curious. doesn't take no for an answer, a great diagnostician, and who is most willing to take on the job of coordinating your care.

I go to Dr. Hoeldtke at West Virginia University Hospital. I have been taking Octreotide since December 2003. Dr. H is involved with reseach using octreotide. Fortunately my insurance covers Octreotide. Without insurance, I never could have afforded a treatment (long-term) that costs about $2,700 a month. I thank G-d everyday that my government health insurance covers these drugs.

Let us know if you find a pcp you are impressed with. If you would like to "talk" with me, send me a signal (i.e., an email). This offer goes out to all of you in POTS land!

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