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Cardiac Rehab


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Hi... I was wondering if anybody on here has tried cardiac rehab to help your pots? has it helped you? how is it different from PT?..

and the obvious questioin the therapist take your pots seriously? and do they monitor you?

thanks a bunch


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I went to rehab for 6 months and it did help me. I stopped because I could not handle to go to that hospital anymore.

The employees believe my POTS but they don't monitor me besides taking my vitals before and after I start exercising which I find very annoying.

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Yes it did help me as well a great deal. I also went for 5-6mos. Toward the end I ended up with a MRSA infection and was hospitalized, so I had to stop. Later when I started back up again because of the issues we were able to discover along the previous rehab journey, we went the route of doing it in the water. I would never go back to land again. I no longer had to take my migraine meds that were exercised indused when I was on land. I was also extremely fortunate and blessed to have had a specific therapist who happened to be trianed in water therapies. She was tremendous. I would try the water first it greatly reduces the POTS symptoms and strengthed my neck and back issues. Also, i had issues with my neck. I found Dr. Denton in MI. He is wonderful and has helped also with both symptoms. I did research on what he did and as well knew others who went to him. You can just google his name Keith Denton to see. I hope this helps with your decision.

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