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Things Keep Faling To Bits ( As Well As Us Lot )


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Sorry I haven't been about for some time but the computers being playing up and Mikes been very unwell , since around the middle of January we have had :

First............... mike had a major Pots attack and ended up on a 999 into hospital in critical care :o I stayed with him as I never like to leave anyone alone in hospital .

So with Mark now unable to drive as he lost his licence because of sleep apnea I have been driving around all the time and I have been getting so stressed and so tired its just unbelievable how some driving can make you feel so unwell.

To start of the year my washing machine packed up :ph34r: its being dying for sometime now and we had hoped it would last until after Mikes 18th but it was not to be , Mark in all his wisdom had been looking on the Internet and found a really good one , but................it was almost ?700 :o:o but undettered he went and did some fast talking to a shop and lo and behold I'm now the proud owner of a black and steel huge machine that is an all singing and dancing ...................clothes washer , it does just about everything you could possibly want except make tea and do the hoovering for me !!!!! But I've just found out it actually steams cloths clean if you want to re-fresh things that have to be dry cleaned , mmmmmmmmm very clever me thinks .

We've had it a week now and I still cannot work the thing shhhhhhhhhhhh(or so I'm saying :P:P:P:P ) so Mark has to out all the washing on for me shhhhhhhhhhhhh( its good exercise for him )

Then...............a few days after this the screen on this computer went down OMG what next , so off we went and bought a new one , got home ( some hours round trip by the way ) plugged it in ...................and off we went back to the shop again as that one didnt work either :blink: BUT , they didnt have another one so we had to go up a size and up in price :lol: do you know I'm sure that these shops see us coming and hide all there stock just to get us to buy bigger and more expensive stuff .

Then.................yep it goes on ...................Marks all singing all dancing mobile phone decided to go and visit the big phone company in the skies :( .

My silly little one which cost around ?20 and which I've had around 4 years now is still going strong , never had a problem with it ( except I still cant work it properly ) but Marks with its emailing , photos and and Internet things goes bye-bye after 6 months , me thinks man should buy a cheap one and ignore what other people say about it .

Then .............the main TV in our lounge is making strange noises ;) sort of whistling and turning itself on or changing channels at us ( nope , not me honestly ) so thats now on its last legs .......................is there any sanity left in the world I ask ?

Mark is now hooked up to a full face mask at night which has straps that go around and over his head and what appears to be a tap just about level with his nose from which a hose leads to a pump which in turn sends air back to him .......................and keeps me awake all night as it sounds like we have a gale force storm hurteling around the room.

Ear plus ? yes, but for some strange reason they keep popping out and I found one the other morning after 10 minutes searching in every strange place :lol: stuck between the cheeks of my bottom and completely flattened , dont think somehow I want to stick that back in my ear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Mike , well he was OK after about 48 hours of rest in hospital , when they called for an ambulance his blood pressure was in his boots at 60/40 and his heart had gone tachy at 155 and rising , along with his temperature and buckets of sick which kept rising out of every orifice , poor love. OMG he did look ill , at first they thought he had a bug , but I kept telling them it was a full blown POTS attack ...............I was right in the end (mums ,why dont they listen to us , it would save so much time )

On Monday ( 3 days time ) Mike goes into hospital to have his wisdom's out , the hospital called me yesterday to say they had found a slot for him , they have been so sore and he's been having to take so many painkillers to keep his sanity , let along ours.

And me ................apart from my birthday I've been ticking along , the stress of all has helped me loose weight and my GP whom I see next Wednesday will be over the moon ,I'm sure I've now lost a stone and a quarter ( or more ) since Christmas and its showing , so I'm chuffed .

It will soon be Mikes 18th birthday and I've sorted the restaurant and sent out the invite ( 30 coming ) I managed to find a silly hat for Mike to wear on the day which is a white birthday cake with candles on it and he's promised he will wear it for his birthday dinner so I can take lots of picture to show you all .

We have friends and family coming from Suffolk and Bath to his dinner and he's getting so excited about it , which for mike is unheard of as he's normally a quiet lad who doesn't like parties or being in the limelight, yet for some reason he's really looking forward to his 'big night' and keeps checking off the days on my calendar .

He's had most of his gifts from us including his new 125 cc motor, proper bikers boots and padded trousers ( to match his jacket ) and I bought him a whole load of new designer clothes to go with his new hair cut ( which I did by the way as I did some hairdressing in my youth )

On the night of his party he is getting his speacil watch from his late grandfather which was bought on the day he was born and has been kept in the bank until his 18th birthday , we will get him a few other small things so he has something to open on the actual day shhhhhhhhhhhh , I'll tell you about thses nearer the time, our friends and family are all giving Mike money so that around May time he can arrange to take his bikers test and get rid of his L plates .

I'm still not sure what to wear on the night , I have two or three outfits in mind but as I'm loosing weight the more I loose the more outfits I can get back into , so I think I'll try everything on and do a fashion show for the boys around the 10th March , then they can choose.......................mmmmmmmm, that means I could end up wearing the paper bag the dress came in if I know them and there sense of humour :lol::lol:

Right , better go now as its 3 am in the morning and I'm starting to feel tired again, upstairs a hurricane is blasting around our bedroom as Mark complete with his what appears to be a tap stuck on his forehead with a garden hose attacked lays sound asleep .....................blooming typical , I swear he could sleep through the house falling down around his ears .men................. :unsure:

Bye to all and will let you know what else falls off, explodes, disappears or disintegrates soon .

Ami , Mark and Mike xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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