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Trip Overseas?


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Has anybody out there been on a trip overseas with Orthostatic Intolerance? Especially on a VERY long airplane ride, about 12 hours? I cannot sit or stand for long without symptoms and I thought I'd ask if anybody out there has done any traveling and what helps? I have to decide whether I'm going with my husband or not.

Thanks in advance

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No, I have not yet travelled overseas with OI but I have a similar situation and have been debating whether it is worth the ANS upset that I am sure will occur. I will just share with you some of my thoughts. Before POTS, I travelled internationally extensively for my job and I know how difficult the travel is on a normal body...BUT, I still would like to go.

I know that compression hose, hydrating extra fluids before and during the trip (every hour at least 1 eight ounce glass is recommended for "normal" people), and getting up during the flight to move are necessary as well as using a wheelchair in the airports. Also, if there is any way you can do it, fly business class. (mileage points to upgrade?) There is so much more room as well as comfort. One of my biggest concerns would be the noise, as hyperstimulation is a real issue for me, and at least in business class, there are usually no more that 25 to 30 seats.

My husband and I debate if flying non-stop 10+ hours or breaking the trip up would be better. I know I have read here or on the NDRF site, that someone said the landings and take-offs and changes in pressure affected them the most. If so, then I would think that a non-stop flight might be the better option. But since I have not flown since I have had POTS, I worry that WHAT IF I get too miserable???? It is a minimum of 4 hours over the ocean from the US to Europe....I think I would take a LOT of Ativan (LOL)

On the other end of the trip, I would schedule in 3 to 4 days of bedrest! Oh, with the time change wherever you are going, you need to think about your meds and the time to take them. My doctor (pre-POTS) told me to start adjusting the time a week in advance moving the time I took them 1 hour each day to "adjust" my body to the new timezone. This works for meals too.

These are just some ideas I have based on my past life and what my husband and I have discussed in depth. I hope you do decide you can go, HAVE a WONDERFUL time and will report back to us on how you do!

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