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I was just doing some research/surfing around on the web when I cam across this website http://www.madisondoctrine.com/press.html

The articles are fairly technical/scientific, but really insightful. Ralph Ankenman M.D. talks about hypotension and hypertension symptoms and the best treatments. This article also talks about adrenals, excess Norepinephrine and Epinephrine . there's another article on the website that discusses the adrenal glands.

Apparently this doctor is in London, Ohio?? Not sure if he's affiliated with Dr. Grubb at all, but he seems to know a lot about POTS type symptoms!

Just thought I'd share. :angry:

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Hi Gena,

This is an FYI...I talked with Dr. Ankenman via the internet and thought about his perspective and then visited him this last weekend.

My daughter and I both had an appt Dr. Ankenman this weekend. He is very interesting, direct, and kind hearted. He is not affiliated with Dr. Grubb but uses a lot of the same medications but with a 'different twist.'

I gave him a lot of Dr. Grubb's research and book. He definitely loves to learn. Dr. Ankenman has worked a very long time in the field of dysautonomia. His wisdom and experience would benefit any of the main stream specialists.

He contends that about 50% of chronic illnesss can be reversed. He is an MD, psychriatrist who has done a lot of research in orthostatic intolerance. He was extremely focused and spent a lot of time with us..and answered LOTS of questions. He keeps up with the newest research.

His office is at Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio which is 35 miles west of Columbus. It is a rural area.

My 20 year old appreciated his wisdom, and knowledge. She is trying the treatment protocal he developed for her. I am also trying his suggestions. It was definitely worth our time and money.

Thanks for sharing the website...it was really worth the investigation and meeting with him!


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Hi Karen

I'm so glad you found him to be helfpul. Just curious, if you wouldn't mind sharing, what were some of his "twists" on traditional treatment for dysautonomia? Were they primarily psychological or medicinal? Since, I live in Florida, I probably won't be able to get up there any time soon. I wonder if he does phone consultations? :huh:

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