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Stomach Pains From Anti-nausea Drug Maxolon ?


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Lat 3 days I've been in absoloute agony with abdominal and stomach pains, the only thing I have done differently is start on the anti-nausea drug called Maxalon 3 days ago. I was given Maxolon to treat the nausea I get from opioid pain medication but for some odd reason I have ended up with an irregularity and a change in my bowel movements along with excruciating stomach and abdominal pains that last throughout the day.

Apperantly Maxolon relieves symptoms of nausea by stimulating motility of the upper gastrointestinal tract and speeding up the process of movement in the intestines. Usually for healthier people who don't have Dysautonomia theres no complications but for someone like myself who already has an abnormally fast movement in bowels can further speeding up of movement due to the Maxalon be the cause of my stomach pains ? I asked the chemist and my family doctor but they were unsure of the association between Maxalon and Digestive symptoms due to Dysautonomia and the stomach pain.

One of the major issues I have with Dysautonomia is the excessive shift and imbalance in my autonomic functions, I seem to go from one extreme to the other, like feeling very hot to very cold within minutes, having abnormaly fast bowel movement to having abnormaly slow movement the next day, one day Im bloated due to low stomach acid and the next day I have excessive acid reflux, somedays fast rapid heart rates and high blood pressure to slow heart and low blood pressure, there seems to be a lack of normal balance.

I was wondering if Maxolon would have an adverse impact on someone with an imbalanced body functions and if the stomach pain I'm in is related to the medication. Also the Maxolon seems to help me tolerate the pain medication a lot better but is there anything else out there that is as equally effective on nausea without directly effecting the gastrointestinal tract?

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Hi, I've done a bit of digging around for info for you.

From the British National Formulary:

Metoclopramide is an effective anti-emetic and its activity closely resembles that of the phenothiazines. Metoclopramide also acts directly on the gastro-intestinal tract.

The phenothiazines are dopamine agonists and act by centrally blocking the chemoreceptor trigger zone. They are of considerable value in treating ........ and the emesis caused by drugs such opioids...

My understanding of the above is that metoclopramide speeds up the GI system and blocks the brain's nausea centre, and that phenothiazines act only on the brain's nausea centre without the GI effects.

Phenothiazines include: chlorpromazine, perphenazine, prochlorperazine and trifluoperazine.

When I suffer from nausea I take either metoclopramide (Maxolon) or prochlorperazine (UK brand names Stemetil and Buccastem). Prochlorperazine is supposed to be the least sedating of the meds listed above. I haven't had particular problems with feeling drowsy on it but we all react differently. It may be worth asking your doctor if prochlorperazine would be ok for you to try.

Hope you find something that works soon,


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Flop, thank you so much for looking into this for me. My stomach pains became so unbearable yesterday I ended up going to the hospital E.R, they did various tests and came to the conclusion that the Maxolon had infact caused my digestive condition to worsen and disgnosed me with acid peptic disease and abdominal colic. I have never had stomach pains that have lasted 24/7 before and that have continued to get worse by the day , this morning I am still in agony and I dont understand why its taking so long for my stomach to settle.

I will go to my doctor tommorrow to suggest the alternatives you have found, thanks again.

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