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I freaked Out!

Guest veryblue

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Guest veryblue

Well I totally lost my cool yesterday! I called my parents, cried and told them that I want to go back to California! I mean I cant take this anymore! I have to sit and watch all my soccer team play games without me...and why? Well nobody knows! No doctor can tell me what is going on with me, but they all tell me that I will be normal again in time! How can they make a predicition like that if they dont even know whats up in the first place? Then I go off and research something on my own, and think I'm gonna be ok but then I read something else that says...well it still can be realated to your nervous system...well everything is realtaed to the nervous system! However I have been to 3 neurologists and they all tell me that my nervous system is fine. I mean I have perfect balance, feel every pick on my hands and feet, my legs sweat...everything seems normal...so then they all tell me to see a cardiologist! Nothing is wrong with my freaking heart...so then I go and think its hormonal, and thats where I stand now. I mean afterall, I have no way of contracting POTS like it says on your website:

"Regardless of variety, POTS patients generally fit into one of four categories upon becoming ill: constitutional, post-viral, postpartum and those whose symptoms became noticeable after their body was exposed to a severe stressor (Grubb, 2000).

Constitutional patients have been sick all their lives. Post-viral patients developed POTS after an illness believed to be viral in nature. Postpartum patients developed POTS after giving birth. Most of the remaining patients developed POTS after being exposed to bodily stressors, such as surgery, trauma or chemotherapy."

Well I was fine a few hours before I got hit...but then wham I am screwed over for the rest of my life...no way that is almost impossible. Then I go and read that POTS is not rarely ever an illness....it is a symptom of something else going wrong in you body. So what is it? I am getting so sick of having to find out information for myself...that why we pay doctors tons of money...how about they do their job? I will never except that I wont ever play soccer again...never...I will find out whats wrong and I will be me again...nothing changes that much over night! So if anyone has any ideas about what avenues to explore then let me know...sorry but I just had to vent!

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Very Blue

I can totally sympathize with you. Only I wasn't playing soccer I was the assistant coach!! I felt like I totally let my girls down. They all say they understood, but soccer is this families life. Both of my teenagers play, and absolutely love it.

Even though you may not be playing right now, still go to the practices and games and give your support. You will receive it back!!

Take care and I hope things get better for you


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