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Dr. Grubb Info. Please


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I am sure that this info. is on here somewhere, but I don't feel like trying to find it right now - sorry. Anyway, where is Dr. Grubb located? Also, does anyone know anything about how insurance like Univera works with out-of-state doctors? I have a plan that allows me to go to specialists without a referral, but I don't know about out-of-state. I guess I could call Univera.

Also, if I make an appointment with Dr. Grubb I would appreciate any advice on where to stay, are there any close airports, etc...

I have decided that I NEED to get all the answers now because I have had it with scheduling appointment after appointment and test after test with NO answers. (I am sure many people feel that way as well, but I know that God has been showing me that I am worth the extra effort and I need to stop focusing on everyone else only - and do something I need to do for myself and my family - just a little side note) I appreciate any info. anyone can share. Thank you for being here. :P


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Dr. Blair Grubb

3000 Arlington Avenue

Toledo, OH 43614

800-321-8383 ask fro Dr. Grubb's office

Sorry, I don't know anything about insurance for their office, you'll have to call and ask.

The Hilton hotel on campus that ajoins the MCO offers discounts for patients, just tell them that you are one.

Hilton Toledo

3100 Glendale Avenue

Toledo, Ohio, US, 43614-2500


sorry to be short, flying out the door.

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Sorry now I have a minute.

That's pretty much why I decided to see Dr. Grubb. I needed answers from someone with the experience of the illness. I travel to see Dr. Grubb from out of state and my doctor was kind of enough to do the leg work with the insurance company so that it would be covered. He explained to the ins co. that it was a rare chronic illness and that Dr. Grubb was a specialist in this area.

Thank god that this all took place because the treatment Dr. Grubb has done for me over the past year has given me back some quality of life. :rolleyes:

Let me stress that it didn't come over night and I had to try different things.

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