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Need Help with Terrible Headaches


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I've only had POTS for a couple of months, but I've had terrible headaches everyday for about the last month. Does anyone else have or had this problem? I'm not taking Florinef (so this isn't the cause). But I do take licorice root instead, so maybe that's it?

I can't figure out if they're tension headaches, vascular or both? Is it related to fluctuations in blood pressure or eating? I do find that they get worse after I eat.

I wake up with no headache but after a couple of hours it hits me and then stays with me the rest of the day (the level of pain fluctuates, but it remains there).

Advil normally doesn't do anything. The headaches are often more debilitating than any of my other POTS symptoms. When the headache goes away I feel like a new person.

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I went through a period with very horrible headaches that responded to no pain medication for about a year--this was about six years ago. Eventually it abated. There was never any explanation for them. I even had a CAT scan and MRI done at one point.

I know there are folks on this forum who have migraines and also that headaches are a POTS symptom.

Hopefully yours will get better with time too.


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Have you tried any allergy meds? I get severe migraines, but sometimes I will just get a nagging headache and if I take Allegra that will sometimes take it away. I went through about a year with severe migraines everyday, but now they are trying some different types of meds to try and get them calmed down. If you are wondering if it is from BP fluctuations you might consider getting a baseline BP and then taking your BP when you get the headache. Also, you might want to start a headache diary. That might help you figure out what the specific trigger is. I know you said that you get them after you eat....is it only after you eat a specific food or food group? Some things like that might cause a headache. Also, you might want to consider seeing a neurologist to try and get the headaches calmed down.


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Guest Julia59

I know tha MSG---or Monosodiumglutamate-(spelling?) can be a culprit to causing headaches. MSG is a food additive to enhance the flavor of many different foods---especially gravy based---flavored chips----frozen foods---soups----basically you just have to read the package. I avoid MSG---and there are lots of things you can eat without it. I hear the FDA is trying to eaither have a warning of have MSG eliminated all together.

Also nitrates which is another food additive found in deli meats--lunch meats----hams---sausage...... this has been known to cause headaches.

If your headaches don't quit soon---I would have them further investigated by you physician---either---CT Scan---or MRI if you feel that they might be something more serious.

Lots of people with pots will suffer from some pretty bad to severe headaches by eaither not enough circulation from low BPs---or BPs can even run high because with ANS dysfunction---BPs can become unstable causing headaches as well.

Sometimes it can be diet---hormones----low/high BP or something more serious.

I would address it further with your Doc.

Julie :0)

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