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Nice Articles/ Summaries On Syncope & Pots


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these were sent to me & while they aren't anything i haven't read many times over by now they seem to be pretty good summaries so i thought i'd pass them on. unlike wikipedia the site they're posted on has a way that they verify/ substantiate the person who posts things, which i also like. obviously we already know that dr. grubb is legit, but for those who wouldn't know the author it's an added affirmation of accurate content. and, as an added point of interest, like i wrote in the title, dr. g's daughter, who's in her early 20s & very into art, did the illustrations in both, which is kinda neat.

On Syncope/ Fainting:




B) melissa

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Thanks Melissa,

having read both of Dr Grubb's books there is (as you said) no new information - BUT they are well written and concise. I'm going to print out several copies and give them to people who ask me for more details of my POTS (I struggle to explain it well when I have brain-fog) as a ready made hand-out.


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