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Just As A Reminder- Dystautonomia Stinks

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I have been hesitant to post much lately because I have had a rare and wonderful span of good days. With just an occasional migraine (managed by a heavy arsenol of drugs) I have done unbelievably well over the past few weeks. Well...... just when I dared to think things might be in a "remission state" (yeah, right)- she's ba-aaack!!!! I really think it's because of the weather- we have the Tropical Storm lurking about and I think the drop in pressure has kicked Ms. Dysy Nomy into overdrive. Translation: I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I am doped up on drugs right now and the kids are home from school thanks to the weather. I know I'm griping but good grief, sometimes, I forget how much this really stinks, for a lack of a better word. Just wanting to vent to others who I know understand. But on the flip side, I hope I can encourage some of you who may be at the early part of your journey- you may get some really good stretches of mild symptoms so hang in there. Really, the past few weeks I had been feeling better than I had in YEARS. But, today- not so much. :D


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I know what you mean. I live in Tallahassee as well and I feel yucky because of this weather and know it will be here with us at least of couple of days. Do whatever you can to help yourself feel better. For me, I will take a hot bath as long as the lights stay on............. With all the trees that might be a challenge.


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I'm sorry your having a bit of a crash. I know how you feel when things are doing quite a bit better, then the old symptoms come bac kicking you in the hind end. I hope this is just a very brief set back, and your back to your remission soon.

If you have a few good days, you almost feel like your getting away with something----------(like, what's wrong, I feel pretty decent.) :)


Maxine :0)

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