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Hey guys, Its been a while since i posted.After 1 month from Mayo with pots diagnosis I am not much better. I havent thrown up but i have had dry heaves 2-3 times.I am currently on toprol 12.5mg.This seems to have brought my heart rate down but the extreme nausea is still there and has never gone away.Its been about 8 months or longer that i have had the 24 hour nausea.I cant eat sometimes for a couple of days.I am just barely a few hours away from iv fluids and or feeding tubes.I am asking if you guys will again share any help with the nausea.Maybe meds you are taking or any alternative courses of action. I have exhausted the use of zofran,tigan,and any other anti nausea drugs the docs could think of.None of these have given me any relief.Regardless of what has worked for you ,if you guys will please share them with me.Thanks so much.I do want to try to get better and get out of this bed,recliner and house. Thanks Buffy

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You could try buying some fresh ginger root, make a cup of hot tea and sip a cupful before each meal. The idea is to take 10 -2o minutes

to finish it. This is a relatively common practice among those (like myself) who have been treated for Hepatitis C..

worth a try.

good luck

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