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Emergen-C powder


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I bought some sugar free Emergen-C powder a few weeks ago. I just want to be sure this IS an electrolyte drink before I completely give up my gatorade for it :)

Is there a better alternative? Being in FL is sooo hot right now, I am trying to make sure I keep my fluids up. It has a ton of vitamins in it- should I drink more than one packet per day? Or is that sufficient in addition to the water?

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Emergen-C is great if you need to boost your electrolytes. I did great with it for a couple of years, then started having trouble because somehow my potassium levels rose too high. Emergen-C is high in potassium so I had to stop using it. But if you do not have that problem, this powder is MUCH healthier than Gatorade which is loaded with sugar.

Read the label on the Emergen-C box for more info, including a website to visit.

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Guest GayleP

I used Emergen C when I had the flu last year. I found I had to sip it through out the day because the high dose of Vitamin C messed up my stomch if I drank it all at once.

Becasue of that I am sticking to Gatorade for regular use although I agree, the sugar content is too high. I would love to find a healthier alternative.


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