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Do You Think The Pots Has Something To Do With This.....

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I broke my right ankle last feb (o7) I actually walked around with it broke for 3 weeks..... finally hurt alot and was getting worse, so i went it (i could walk ect the whole time...) after 2 sets of x-rays and an mri, it revealed a fracture in 2 places..... 2 weeks later I fell on the crutches and broke the other (left) foot. I was in a hard cast on the right ankle, and and air cast for the left foot. I followed the drs orders, and did go to PT a few times but we didnt do much, so dr said just quit.... well still the ankle was pretty sore, so in august we did a cortisone injection, after about a week, it was starting to feel better....... then this past feb, a year later, my right ankle got really bad again, went in and had it x-rayed and mri'ed- to find out that the ligaments were sprained, I guess I sort of roll my ankles when I walk, and eventually i am gonna stretch them so much I'll need surgery...... I now have custom made ankle braces that I wear daily after riding my horses, I walk and go to the gym and daily work in them...... seemed to be helping, then 3 weeks ago, the right foot ( I never had probs with..) started acting up, went in, another cortisone injection, after another week, started to feel better, I still have some minor pain, but improved alot. Now today I have started having Left foot pain, I am thinking its from compensating for such a long time........ but I am wondering, if my POTS (dx 2005) has anything to do with them giving me so many problems, and not healing correctly.... I sorta asked the ankle dr, if this was 'normal'- he siad not really.... but blames it on me riding horses.... but I am only 21, take daily calcium supplement........ just seems odd to be having all these probs.......... any feedback is welcome and appreciated!!

Take CARE! :blink:

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You know, I have a mysterious chronic ankle injury as well---and had to wear a cast on it and everything, nothing worked. It's all wobbly right now and doesn't work really well---I roll it often. My "ankle doctor" doesn't know what's wrong with it, he has theories but can't prove any. So we're pretty similar in that aspect I guess. No clue how it'd be related to POTS, but it is funny. I developed the injury right when I got my first POTS symptoms (when puberty started)

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If your joints are loose/hypermobile, it could be ehlers-danlos syndrome. Many people with pots/ncs have eds. Are your other joints vulnerable?

I have ncs and eds.

My ankles and I are on reasonable terms now, after years of struggle! I have braces, and wear birkenstocks, which give me the right type of support. Custom orthotics help many, but haven't helped me. I also have to keep up with foot and ankle exercises, to strengthen what's weak, and release what's too tight. The muscles on my shins and outside of my calves spasm and make things worse. I can't go barefoot anymore.

I've also found that strengthening my hips protects my ankles, as it helps me to plant my foot properly when I walk.

Ankle/foot problems are no fun!

I still have some damage to the talus of both ankles, but manage it.

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My son has always had very achy joints - ankles, shoulders, elbows... He has POTS, and recently saw a geneticist to see if he has EDS. He doesn't, thank goodness! But we have no firm explanantion for his achy body. He has a holistic physical therapist who gave us a talk just yesterday about how too much gluten can cause this kind of problem. I'm going to try and help him reduce the gluten in his diet and we'll see if it helps.

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