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Raising Funds for the future of DINET


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Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching. I'm writing because I want folks to know about a few of the options for giving toward the growth and maintenance of this forum and the main site. DINET is a registered nonprofit--and is relatively "young" and has very little in the way of financial resources (i.e. such as the $$ to pay for the hosting of this site).

A percentage of the dollars (or other currency!) you spend online can be given to DINET. I have been doing this via iGive for several months. Even if you only shop on the web ONCE, your purchase is added to that of everyone else who has selected DINET as their recipient. It adds up over time. Every time money builds to 25$, iGive sends a check to DINET.

You can join iGive for free by clicking here.

It is also possible to donate to DINET directly. DINET can now accept a credit card donation through "Network for Good." And, of course, there is the old-fashioned way-- a check. I've linked to the information page on the DINET main site:


I know that finances are tough for many of us--myself included. Donations of time are just as valuable :P The link above lists some of the other ways to support DINET (for example, translation of information into another language).

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To those that have joined iGive in the past few days, I extend my personal thanks!

BTW, if anyone has questions about iGive, the security of making online purchases, or Network for Good, please let me know. I'll do my best to answer, or at least find out where to get the answer.

:P Nina

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Okay, it's "Black Friday", so I just thought I'd give one more gentle nudge that if you're going to shop online, many web retailers will donate a percentage of your purchase to DINET if you join iGive (which is free--and as far as my year long relationship, has never sent me any unsolicited email).

Happy shopping...and philanthropy! Nina:)

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