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Insurance Denied Procrit

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Has anyone had been approved by their insurance for Procrit? Did this drug improve your symptoms?

My daughter 15, is passing out 2-6 times a day now, just about every time she stands up. She has done all of the other meds for POTS, and we've seen Dr. Grubb, Procrit is next on the list. I took her to a "hemo" 2 weeks ago to get the injections, but our insurance has denied the request, we have filed an apppeal.

School started last week, she passed out twice on the first day, the district nurse called to say she can't attend school in this condition. I took her to the ER twice last week for injuries she sustained in these falls, she's now had a head ct, and wrist X-ray twice. Does insurance want to pay for all of these ER visits as opposed to a drug that could possibly help? My daughter really wants to attend school, they've agreed to let her attend in a wheelchair, this stinks.

Thanks for reading...


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I too had a problem briefly with my insurance company. They forbid me to get the medication from the pharmacy and give it to myself. However they will let me go to my doctor's office every week for the injection.

Dr. Grubb's office should be able to help push it through or your primary doctor, stating that it is necessary for her condition. Don't let the insurance company put you off, talk to supervisors or threaten to sue them if anything happens to your daughter while they are making you wait, that should speed them up some.

I didn't personally talk to my insurance company. My doctor's office fought the battle for me and won the same day. Medically necessary for the rare condition that we have.


The epogen (procrit) has helped alot by the way.

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