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Cleveland Clinic And Meds?


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So I currently have an appointment on 8/14 at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Fouad Tarazi. I know they will do ans testing. But when I asked if I have to stop any meds before, they said no. I asked whether this wouldn't affect testing. They didn't sound concerned.

Of course, I"m not in any hurry to stop helpful meds, but this seemed a little odd.

Would they then test to see if I still have breakthrough symptoms (I do) and how badly?

i just want to make sure that they capture the full extent of my problem, not dampened down.

I currently take 6.25 midodrine every 4 hours, .075 florinef, (and then allegra, singulair, baby aspirin, and some prn stuff). I"m seeing my gyne soon to talk about the progestin-only minipill to regulate my cycle. I wear stockings, and when things are bad, a corset.

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That doesn't sound right to me at all. When I did the testing at the ANS Lab in Cleveland, but at University Hospitals (they had the first lab in the country) they were very insistent that unless I truly would not be able to function at all that all meds be stopped and I was off them for at least 1 full week - antidepressants, allergy meds, vitamins. Everything but my birth control pill. They would do the testing if I stayed on the meds, but said the results would be more accurate if I stopped them.

Good luck with the testing,


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I would call again and ask to speak with one of her nurses. Good luck Pat

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