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what to discuss with endocrinologist


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:ph34r: am seeing my doc next month and as vanderbilt and mayo and nih have rejected not sure what will happen. i know a lot of you see endocrinologists and they have helped you, so i may talk to my pcp, but that's the only type of doc i haven't seen. so not sure what to discuss with my pcp about this. he has exhausted all he knows. any suggestons? thanks morgan
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I'm not a doctor, but here are some ideas. Check for any thyroid abnormalities, either over or under functioning. Some people on this forum have Hashimoto's thyroiditis but I do not know how you test for this. Have a cosyntropin stimulation test to test for adrenal function. I passed that okay, but came out somewhat low on an insulin tolerance test. There is also a 2 hr post prandial blood sugar study (post prandial means after you've eaten) that can be done.

SAY to the doctor that you are interested in finding out any potential cause(s) for your ailment and that is why you are seeing him. You might want to mention what I said or any other tests others might suggest or that this DINET information website has suggested.

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