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Need A Doctor In Arizona

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hi there.. i live near phoenix... i am seeing dr. goodman at mayo (he is with neuro).. hope I can mention his name... it takes a few mos to get in with him but well worth it because he is an autonomic specialist. Don't have the direct number but call the general number for mayo clinic in scottsdale. You will have to have a phone "interview" with the nurse to make sure you are appropriate to see him, but if I can get in with all my stuff and some stuff that is not legitimized (CFS/fibro), i am sure you can.

Good luck and let us know if you see him or anyone else. I also know of someone in Tuscon but didn't hear such great feedback on him.



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Thanks everybody. I'll try Dr. Goodman and Dr. Wissner.

I'll try anything because right now, my cardiologist keeps referring me to the endocrinologist, who refers me back to the cardiologist. I'd like to see them both in a boxing match.

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