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Faces Of Dinet Photos Added


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Hello All

I have to apologize to Corina for taking SO LONG to get these added to the site. I just uploaded photos of her lovely home and garden renovations. They are under the "Home and Garden" category. I also added a photo she sent me that her husband recently took of the famous flowers of the Netherlands--a field of tulips!

If you want to add photos, send them to me at dinetphotos@yahoo.com

If you want the URL to see the photo site, please send me a PM.



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katherine, you don?t have to apologize at all!!!

as the garden is blooming so beautifully now and i?m experimenting with my photocamera and sharing the images ,i have been trying to put up a link to the collage i made of my garden photos. i have been trying real hard, but of course i didn?t succeed :unsure::lol: i did manage to print the collage so it will brighten up the hall soon (i hope!)

if someone is able to help me putting a picture here, i would very much appreciate that (but only when you?re feeling up to it of course!!!)

take care!

corina :)

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