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  1. @Pistolthanks for your response. I am not sure I want to try an anti depression med yet. I have considered it but I hate taking meds. I am not sure if these adrenaline surges are caused from anxiety or if my nervous system is messed up from Covid. I’m one of those long haulers and have had tachycardia, chest pain and nerve pain since I had it in November.
  2. I have not been diagnosed with dysautonomia but have many symptoms since I had Covid in November. Just recently I am experiencing adrenaline surges at night right when I drift off to sleep. It happens al night long. It went away for about a week and a half but now it’s back. I am 49 and noticed it might be related to hormones because the surges come when I am about to start my period. I do feel anxiety when I am having these but when they dissipate I feel fine. Any suggestions?
  3. What are the meds you are taking and how long did it take to stabilize you?
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