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  1. Sorry guys i didnt even realize this was a group for this disorder of the nervous system. .ive not been diagnosed with anything like this but than again i dont go to the doctors so..lol .i just googled exhausted after BM and this convo.popped up ..
  2. No guys ..its not from straining ..i dont strain..i never have ..and i feel like ..ive just worked out ..its rediculous i hate it ..a couple of times ..like in the past 2 yrs weirded stuff hapoened my heart started beating so hard and fast and i broke out in a sweat a over and this is the weirdest thing my lips actually went numb ..lol..i know it sounds crazy but i swear i thought i was having a stroke or something my hands went numb one time too ..ive no clue wats wrong but it is scary as h*** i got to the bed as fast as i could and laid on my back ..but im always afraid thats going to happen
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