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  1. Yikes - I never thought about it. But I guess that could be where it started! Who would've thought. Luckily I've never fainted - I can't imagine how that would've felt for you. But yes, I am thinking its time that a doctor actually sees what happens during the night! Thanks for all your insight!
  2. @Pistol No, I have not seen a Cardiologist. The first night it happened I had frequent urination and a pain in my lower abdomen, so I went in the morning to have it checked out. They poked around my belly, did some bloodwork and xrays, gave me a shot for pain and some medication for a UTI and sent me home. I went back in the afternoon with the pain turning intense and radiating from my pelvis to my armpit. They gave me morphine, did more bloodwork and sent me home. After that I only went one other time, but it was after the tremors had passed and I was only nauseous with a heavy heart. They didn't care much about my heart thumping and gave me some IV gravol and again, sent me home. I stay home during the night when I am not feeling well and make appointments for the day time - but generally I am better in the day so they don't know what to say. I have been debating going into the ER during my tremor episodes but since I work at the hospital I am good at telling myself I am not an emergency. They have never followed up on my complaints of chest discomfort. I think I will go to the hospital the next time I find myself ill. I do not have any heart rate or pressure monitor, but now that I realized this could be my issue I will be going to buy one to see what my heart is doing. It definitely feels like its beating too fast but I guess I should keep tabs. The feelings do not seem to have a pattern in regards to what provokes them. They can show up while I'm sitting, or while I'm walking around doing something like working or cooking. At first I did believe it was stomach related due to the intense nausea and food aversions, so recently I have been more careful about what I'm eating and how often. Thanks for your reply - I am hoping I have figured out the path I need to take to find some answers for my weird symptoms!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have not been diagnosed, but was plagued by something last year and I think it's coming back. It started out of nowhere in Feb 2019. I was tucked in and trying to sleep when I got sudden chest pain, palpitations, extreme nausea, severe whole body tremors. I thought I was having a heart attack but was not living in a spot with a 24/hr ER so I sucked it up and eventually fell asleep. I woke up feeling tired, my stomach was sore but there was no nausea, chest pain or tremors. A few months later - In April - it happened again, and it stayed for months. I would wake up sore from the previous nights tomfoolery, but otherwise OK. I would be OK during the day, but anywhere from 3-9 pm I would start getting tremors and cold hands and feet, heart palpitations and chest discomfort. The tremors would stop and I would be left extremely nauseous with a pounding heart and going from cold limbs to uncomfortably warm and back again. I found it extremely hard to fall asleep, but I eventually would (usually around 1-2 am) and wake up with no remaining symptoms. After a couple months, many doctor visits, normal blood work and a normal upper/lower scope(only noted mild reflux) it eventually went away. (October I started gaining weight back after dropping to 100 lbs). I think its coming back as I have had about three nights of these symptoms again, however not one after the other. Is it possible for Dysautonomia to correct itself for months and then come back? Thanks for some insight - I would like to have some knowledge before I bring this info to my GP.
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