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  1. Yikes - I never thought about it. But I guess that could be where it started! Who would've thought. Luckily I've never fainted - I can't imagine how that would've felt for you. But yes, I am thinking its time that a doctor actually sees what happens during the night! Thanks for all your insight!
  2. @Pistol No, I have not seen a Cardiologist. The first night it happened I had frequent urination and a pain in my lower abdomen, so I went in the morning to have it checked out. They poked around my belly, did some bloodwork and xrays, gave me a shot for pain and some medication for a UTI and sent me home. I went back in the afternoon with the pain turning intense and radiating from my pelvis to my armpit. They gave me morphine, did more bloodwork and sent me home. After that I only went one other time, but it was after the tremors had passed and I was only nauseous with a heavy heart. They di
  3. Hi Everyone, I have not been diagnosed, but was plagued by something last year and I think it's coming back. It started out of nowhere in Feb 2019. I was tucked in and trying to sleep when I got sudden chest pain, palpitations, extreme nausea, severe whole body tremors. I thought I was having a heart attack but was not living in a spot with a 24/hr ER so I sucked it up and eventually fell asleep. I woke up feeling tired, my stomach was sore but there was no nausea, chest pain or tremors. A few months later - In April - it happened again, and it stayed for months. I would wake up sore from
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