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  1. Hello, just an update- I have met with gastroenterology and they did a scope. They found that the water I drank 12 HOURS before my Endoscopy was still in my stomach- they found a large amount of liquids. Strangely, the food I ate AFTER drinking the water was not in my stomach (weird). The Gastro strongly feels I do have gastroparesis. I have some esophagitis, likely from the irritation of food sitting in my stomach and the acid splashing up. So, I am off to a stomach emptying June 4th. I also have a weakened tongue base after doing a modified barium swallow and have to see ENT. My vocal cord
  2. Hi, Thank you for the reply. ) Do you live or spend time in any place with mold or musty odors? Brain fog and balance issues, along with the taste of blood (metallic taste?) can often go along with mold exposure. (Potentially pesticide exposure as well.) *Actually this is something I did think about looking into- we renovated a house some years ago and had a fire and hung new drywall. Sometimes there is a little mold that comes in from the crawlspace...BUT I have had gastroparesis sx and anhidrosis (lack of sweating) since before we moved there. Also the veering off when I w
  3. So I went to the ER for horrible "Gerd" like episode, and when I told the ER doc what was going on she said it sounds like autonomic issues. I basically have very poor GI motility at this time and they are scheduling and EGD scope and manometry to evaluate (will get back to this later). I followed up with my doc, who took bp sitting and standing, and said within normal parameters so doc did not think I needed any further evals through our Dysautonomia Clinic. Here's where is gets scary for me. I have been passed around specialist to specialist with no resolution (6 neuros, 2 gastros, ENT, pulm
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