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  1. I also get the flu shot every year without a reaction. However I got the first of the two Covid vaccines and it has left me extremely exhausted. I don’t think there’s a choice but I’m worried about a severe flare from it has Covid itself has been associated with chronic fatigue.
  2. Has anyone had the Covid vaccine? I have been diagnosed with POTS for over 10 years and had my first shot two weeks ago and have been extremely tired. What’s the recommendation on this? Thanks a lot.
  3. Until the pandemic, my POTS Had become quiet, almost gone. In the last few months, I have been experiencing constant exhaustion, dizziness, heart rates when I’m standing and walking up to 165 bpm, oxygen sat down to 84 when walking. I feel so awful all the time, it feels so different Even when I was first diagnosed. The oxygen part stumps me. It’s low when my heart rate is normal and when my heart rate gets high my oxygen goes up to 97. I barely can stand up. Has my POTS returned with a vengeance? Or could it be another issue? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Mady
  4. Hi, thanks for all your responses. I’m not sure how to respond on this message board to anyone in particular. I’m brand new. Despite having POTS for years. The oxygen problem is caused in part by what’s called a shunt meaning some malformation in my lungs but I’ve never had a problem until the last couple of years. Now I am in Santa Fe. I have arrived yesterday and my oxygen is going down to 90 or 89. Not sure what to do. My blood pressure remains OK so far. My heart rate is a little high. I have slight headaches but I seem to be pretty OK although Pretty winded. Any suggestion for what to do about the oxygen? Anyone else have shunt long with POTS?
  5. Does changing altitude affect blood pressure and other POTS symptoms? . I am traveling to Santa Fe New Mexico which is 7200 feet high. I’ve been having trouble lately with low blood pressure at night and low oxygen level. I have had parts for nine years. It has recently been giving me more problems.Any suggestions or information? Thanks so much.
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