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  1. Thankyou for the suggestions. I will talk to doc about this next week. Watching low heart rate is really daunting and spoils my day . Hopefully I get through it
  2. I was diagnosed with POTS a month back and for past few months was following up with GP for high resting heart rates otherwise I had milder symptoms which wouldn’t affect my day . I believe I had POTS for few years but didn’t stop my from doing anything.My GP prescribed beta blockers that’s where it all started with . I was getting bradycardia then he changed my dosage twice finally I was referred to EP cardiologist she talked about Dysautonomia and prescribed be metoprolol 30 mg and asked me to exercise regularly .These days I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything because of bradycardia .after 10 mins of going out my heart rates goes low like 38 bpm .so confused right now did I bring more problems to me trying to fix it .
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