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  1. Thanks everyone! So much in my life is starting to make sense
  2. Does anyone else get leg pain particularly with napping or sleeping? It resolves when I move around. Just wondering if it is related to POTS? Thank you!
  3. Have you been tested for environmental allergies? If not, I highly recommend talking with an allergist about all this. There are a few possibilities they can explore. I had significant reaction to a food that we believe may actually have been a cross reaction with my environmental allergies and not a food allergy at all. Keeping close records are important- because there are not always great tests for some of this, but recogning patterns can help guide them.
  4. I considered that, but the list has gotten long enough that I can imagine his office would say please schedule an appointment. It’s also complex enough and specific enough to his statements and observations during the test that I suspect my PCP will answer some but may defer back to him. I am going to try to get the appointment moved up since we know the diagnosis and he is familiar with me he may need less time for a new patient appointment. I have accommodations and we just made some more adjustments to reduce a bit of my hours. This is my second month using the new accommodat
  5. Fortunately, autonomic dysfunction is his area of interest. Unfortunately, he is not currently my provider, but I do have a new patient appointment with him in March. I have a PCP appointment next week where I can ask questions, assuming she has gotten the results. Otherwise, I will have to reschedule. She is an excellent provider, but she is a generalist so I don't know how strong she will be in this area. Its funny because a year ago when I first saw a cardiologist, I had good reason to believe I had POTS. I considered asking for a referral to the doctor who did the test today, but I w
  6. I am not sure what my numbers were. I think she said my HR was in the low 60s when we started. I glanced at the HR recordings and the highest I saw was 114 bpm. I normally have a higher resting HR and normally am symptomatic at higher HR. I know they said the final BP out loud before they lowered me and I thought it was too low to have heard it right, but I don’t remember what it was, by that point I was really out of it and very glad he told me not to go back to work. Thus far, I have been fortunate to remain pretty high functioning, sort of. It’s a good thing I love the place I
  7. Had Tilt table today. I didn’t imagine that it would leave me feeling so awful even though he stopped the test before I passed out (but I was close to doing so). Finally getting warm from the cold saline they used afterwards. The good news is I finally have answers. I have both POTS and NCS. But I have so many more questions then I ever did before. What do allergies have to do with syncope? And I wish I knew what my vitals did based on questions asked. He talked about using the beta blocker as needed which doesn’t make sense to me, but deferred back to my primary care. I wish I asked him with
  8. Thanks everyone. The only med I have to stop is my beta blocker. Test is tomorrow morning and a bit more relaxed about it today than earlier in the week. It’s been a long road and I am ready to have an official answer rather than my educated guess. Ready to start feeling better.
  9. So I am pretty sure I have P.O.T.S.. I have been for a very long while, but I haven’t wanted to self diagnose. I was started on a beta blocker a while back, which after a recent increase in symptoms we raised the dose. I have two concerns- 1) what if it’s not P.O.T.S.? And 2) what if the tilt table test is not positive - like heart rate hits an increase of close to but not an increase of 30bpm? Classically- I have lightheaded ness with standing particularly after laying down, brain fog, crazy fatigue and many other symtoms described. I have done a poor mans test many times. At times, bet
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