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  1. Hi both, Thanks for replying to my post. I visited a nurse practitioner and she said that my blood pressure is fine both resting and standing. She said I may have a hypersensitivity to heat in my legs. Just sick of having this problem.
  2. Hi everyone, For a number of years now, since my mid teens, I’ve been having issues with my legs. I have attached photos of my legs after standing for 10 minutes from a lying position. My resting heart rate was 80bpm (I’m a 25 year old healthy female) and it increased to 106bpm upon standing. I also noticed that it increased speed and slowed down in seemingly random bouts. When standing, my legs can get very sore and uncomfortable feeling, like they are throbbing and stinging. They were also very hot when I stood from lying down. I’ve found that I get pins and needles very easily too. Often, when I stand from sitting, I feel very dizzy and my vision has gone black numerous times with this If I get a moderately warm shower or bath, they turn bright pink and purple, and do this with any temperature change. I’ve also noticed that my legs are often very blotchy and mottled. I’m very self conscious about the colour of my legs and have been experiencing these symptoms for a long time now. I was even diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder when I was 18 by a councillor because of the distress the symptoms caused me. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Emma.
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