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  1. I have long-term history of IBS so she told me to follow this diet and go see a gastro doc who's a motility specialist. Of course that appointment isn't until August. I have to say that intuitively it makes sense to me. I've had two stomach x-rays in the past several years where the docs said I was full of crap, literally. I also have a redundant bowel so basically things just don't move through my system. Since following the diet I've felt pretty good.
  2. Hi all, My neuro has recommended that I don't eat raw fruits and veggies and that I see a motility specialist. She stated that dysautonomia starts in the gut somehow, though they aren't sure how. Basically I'm supposed to eat low fiber bc my gut doesn't digest those foods well and then they just sit there. I'm not doubting this and it does kind of make sense, I'm just curious if anyone else was put on a low fiber diet? I'm missing my fruits and salads.
  3. Thanks all! MomtoGiuliana that's what I needed to hear. I'm a little disheartened with this doc bc I told her at my appointment that I felt like I was pretty healthy and was active. She explained that there is a spectrum of health with dysautonomia and that I might have a milder version. I do feel like I can manage it well, first of all by just finally putting a name to what is actually going on and being more aware of that throughout my day, but also by taking vitamins and doing the other interventions. Thanks for that confirmation!
  4. Hi all, I'm 38 years old and was recently diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction with some peripheral nerve damage. I can remember passing out for the first time as a pre-teen and have fainted about five times since then. I am always dizzy when standing but 99.9% of the time it passes. I have IBS and psoriasis and Raynaud's which my new neuro says are all caused by the AD. Despite this, from what I'm reading online, I think I have a mild case. I am active and on most days of the week do physical activity such as yoga or walking. Lately I've been doing more cardio and strength as I've read that helps. My neuro had me track my BP and HR for 2 weeks both seated and standing. My HR jumps from about 70 to about 95. My BP runs low, around 105/70, and drops when I stand, around 96/66 for example. I imagine this HR inc and BP dec happen throughout the day when I stand up. My doc wants to treat with a med that she says will stabilize both BP and HR, but it comes with a ton of possible side effects. I always get the side effects from meds and am very med sensitive. 1. Should I go see a dysautonomia cardiologist to get a second opinion? 2. If I'm feeling pretty good, why treat with meds? 3. Any insights on why the HR jumps and BP falls? I want to understand the way this works. 4. I had low iron and D that I'm treating. Is there any other underlying issue I should be checking on that could be causing this? Any thoughts are appreciated!
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