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  1. I still haven't gone to my neurologist doctor yet to hopefully give me some answers pertaining to my p.o.t.s but i've been having some stomach issues and no matter what I bring up it seems because of my age or something all of the doctors ive met have treated me like the answer to everything is anxiety, now i've struggled with anxiety so I think that gives me the right to say I know how I and my body reacts to that sort of thing and that I can proudly say I have come a long way in my life that I have discovered skills to have a happy and healthy lifestyle for myself. so I went and met with a GI doctor today for the first time and he didn't seem to listen to my concerns about my extreme bloating after eating, loss of appetite for over a week now, feeling full after a few bites, and acid reflux. he ignored every one of those symptoms and put it under anxiety after just meeting me and focused on my acid reflux and scheduled me for a scope. I feel like he disregarded me and my concerns and wouldn't talk about options or concerns with me and he simply stated that because ive been diagnosed with (pots) that now im realizing everything that is happening to my body that I am over amplifying the situation?! I didn't like his answers or his argument towards why I shouldn't be worried about my concerns. And I know what im feeling is there. I proved my other doctor wrong with my heart so I know its not all in my head and im tired of feeling like that. I called the office back and asked them if there was a test I could take before the scope to see how fast it takes for gastric emptying because I know gastroparisis can be linked to pots , im not saying I have that but I rather make sure theres nothing wrong with the messaging going on in my body before we look at the physical side of things with the scope. he said he thinks its ridiculous and hes not going to grant me that test. to give me peace of mind or at least try to look at everything rather than what is easiest. I went there for my stomach and the doctor wants to look at my throat for Barretts disease I don't know how he got his degree but I don't want to go under on his table when i'll wake up and he will tell me nothing is wrong because hes looking in the wrong place. please what would you do?
  2. My name is Sydney im 20 years old, and ive been diagnosed with POTS I still need to see one of my doctors next month to figure out medication and other aids to help me into feeling better than I do now. Ive been to the ER a few times because of my pots and im not on any medication and no one has given me any advice besides drink more water and increase my salt intake but they don't tell you how much your life changes and im struggling to cope with that. I am sleeping constantly I cant go out for long because im exhausted all of the time I cant walk for long or stand, my blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate's constantly no matter what I do even when I sleep. im having a hard time , family only understands close to nothing and sometimes I feel like I chat their ears off trying to explain. but most of all Im so tired of feeling the way I do 24/7 . ive missed more than a months time of work and I just got diagnosed in December but this has been going on for much longer than that. I just need information on anything that has helped you please and thank you for your time.
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