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  1. I We discussed meds in the future but b/c her she has around 4 episodes a year, for now we are concentrating trying to find other ways to prevent them. If she starts having more frequent issues, we will probably have that conversation again. Thank you for the link. I need to spend a little more time looking at the links and files.
  2. Hi. I'm so excited to have found this forum! We finally have some answers and I"m hoping you guys can make suggestions to us. The history (if you don't want to read the history, the question is toward the bottom): My 17 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with POTS after a 5 year search for her odd and scary symptoms. At 12 she fainted twice (months apart) after jumping up and racing up the stairs to tell me something. Her GP referred her to a neurologist. That doc gave her an MRI and did other tests, scratched his head and said b/c he ruled everything else out, she was a mi
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