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  1. Thanks a lot @Missy M for sharing your experience. Yes, it could be excessive caffeine intake. I suspected that small amount of salt can do that.
  2. Hi All, Only I have query about considering salt for fast HR and low BP. My blood pressure is usually in the range 90/60 to 110/70. My heart rate increases upon standing as my BP decreases upon standing by 10 to 15 points. I tried increasing salt intake but I noticed some days my blood pressure is 140/90 to 150/90 in the afternoon. In the night it returns to its normal range. Is this normal? I consume about 1 teaspoon daily. Now I stopped taking salt but my BP is low, which causes fatigue and lightheadedness especially in the morning. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. @corina Thanks a lot. I will try to cntact her.
  4. @angelloz Thanks a lot. I tried yesterday Atarax (hydroxyzine) and today I feel a big difference. Even the standing heart rate difference is around 18-20 beats. I think I have a sort of MCAD, but I dont have any idea about this issue.
  5. Dear all, Is there any way to contact doctors that are interested in POTS and are willing to help online? I want to send my measurements and symptoms, so that they could help, given that, here no body can help in diagnosis of this issue. Thank you in advance.
  6. @Greyhound Thanks for the update. I have been reading your status and your symptoms are quite similar to mine. Im eager to see what are your results. Of course, I hope not POTS. Please keep update..
  7. @angelloz Thanks for the information. Actually, I do measurements daily for the BP and HR. Below is an example of what I get: 8-11-2017 (8 AM) - Mild Symptoms Laying down: 100/70 75 Standing: 1 min. 100/70 93 2 min. 91/65 88 3 min. 94/76 89 5 min. 97/73 94 8min. 97/72 94 10 min. 95/74 92 9-11-2017 (10 AM) Mild Symptms Laying down:
  8. I have two specific queries for whose diagnosed with POTS. 1- When taking medication for POTS, can you go out and walk for about half an hour? For me, when taking propranolol, I can walk such period. And even sometimes without medication. But what I feel worse is the fear and brain fog when go far from my house. If Im near my house I can walk for longer periods. 2- Do you feel dizzy instantly after standing up? I dont feel dizziness after standing although HR increases in most times by 25-30 beats. Inside the house, I can move and still standing without feeling dizziness. What I f
  9. I noticed that my resting heart rate in the morning in much higher than in the evening. When I wake up in the morning, while Im in bed, my resting heart rate is between 85-90. This also contributes to increasing the standing heart rate (more by 25-30 beats). However, in the evening ( 9PM - 11PM), my resting heart rate is in the average between 60-70. Of course more energetic in the evening. Have anyone has like these readings. I suppose that HR in the morning should be lower after 7 hours sleep. Inst this strange!
  10. I've been having a hard time getting a diagnosis so I just wanted to run some of my symptoms to you all to see if this could actually be a POTS or other disease. I did a laying/standing test at home and I'm really curious what everyone thinks about my numbers. Do these look like POTS? I dont take any medications, but there are mild to moderate symptomsas shown below. 8-11-2017 (8 AM) - Mild Symptoms Laying down: 100/70 75 Standing: 1 min. 100/70 93 2 min. 91/65 88 3 min.
  11. @p8d Im very sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you are getting better soon. I suffer also from sensory overstimulation especially at the supermarkets. I hope we can adjust with these symptoms.
  12. @p8d Thanks for the reply. Actually, I take about 1.5-2 liters per day. Also I add about half spoon of table salt to the water and drink it. But when Im at home quick standing and walking inside home causes no and sometimes slight dizziness. My problem is when I get out for walking, there is a mix of dizziness and fear from fainting that prevent me from walking. By the way, from your experience, does fainting happen when the HR is normal, say 100-120 during walking?
  13. @yogini Hi Yogini Thanks for your help and support. Actually, my symptoms first happened to me b when I was 30 years old but disappeared in a month. After that, they happen every two years, take a month and disappear. Meanwhile, I have slight dizziness when Im teaching in the classroom or in meeting, etc, but never bothered me from doing my work. During the last period, I didnt know that it is POTS. One doctor gave me propanalol in 2009 because he noticed high HR but didnt mentioned this is POST. So, Im used to take a 10 mg propanalol when necessary. May be 10 tablets a month. But, now
  14. @p8d Thanks for the information. Can I understand from your description that stress can cause the symptoms of POTS? I havent been diagnosed with POTS but I find Propronalol very helpful. Only 10 mg a day. This what makes me suspect that I dont have POTS. Only adrenaline surge and anxiety!
  15. @p8d I haven't seen POST specialist because there are no such doctors interested in POTS in Yemen. I will see a cardiac soon. Do you mean by catecholamines test measuring HR and BP? Thank you.
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