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  1. Wow. This is happening to me as well. I don't understand it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm thinking too much. Have I always had POTS? Yes. But the difference is, I didn't know. I just accepted the symptoms and carried on. Worked full time, raised my kids, traveled constantly, hiked, never afraid of anything. Now that there is a name? I'm afraid to get out of bed. Afraid to leave the house. Afraid of losing my job. Afraid of never getting better. Afraid that I'm afraid. Afraid of the symptoms that I had all my life. Afraid. Its awful. I feel there is a block and I don't
  2. Thank you! I hope to get back soon, but I am so scared that I won't. I have read everything I can find. And it seemed everything that may show promise, would be torn apart here. LOL It just seems to me like it should be simple. If POTS is because your autonomic system is dysfunctional, balance it! I've read how to balance your parasympathetic system. Yoga, singing, om-ming, meditation, detoxing heavy metals, eating right for your immune system, adrenal cocktails, earthing, electrolyte balancing...it seems easy, so why is everyone still so sick? Thank you for understanding.
  3. Thank you for sharing! You guys give me encouragement when I had none.
  4. Thank you everyone! Do you mind sharing what has helped you get back to "normal"? I am going to try to start the adrenal cocktail. I know I have issues with them and I figured potassium and salt can't hurt. At this point, if someone told me taking arsenic pills would get me back to normal, I would buy a crate! Macca, I love that your doctor said "recovery." It means it's possible. I'm alone on this journey, single mom. I have to be able to work and support myself and have insurance. I think that it adding to my stress levels and the frantic search for a miracle. My mom is
  5. I'm new, but having been reading for several months. Just looking for some encouragement, I feel like everything out there in the internets is so depressing and not a lot of hopeful success stories. I have joined a few Facebook groups, but it's hard to get anyone to respond. Looking back, I've always had this. Teenager, passing out and outgrew that in my 20's, just like literature says. But over the years, there were symptoms, I just didn't know. Like feeling horrible and exhausted after a hot shower. Fatigue. "Good lord, I'm out of shape! Why is my heart racing?!! I feel so muc
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