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  1. I started fainting when I was 5 years old. I've had POTS ever since and I'm 43 now. I wasn't diagnosed with POTS until five years ago. I've just lived with the symptoms--what could I do since no doctor in the span of over 30 years was ever able to diagnose me (and I went to a million doctors and had so many tests)? I'm on Florinef now so that helps but I am trying to find out more to deal with symptoms.
  2. Wow--this was great to read! (Newbie here) My whole life I thought it was only me who got anxiety related to POTS. That's how I've always explained the story of my panic disorder--that it started with POTS and fainting and being so afraid I'd faint as a child. I still have an anxiety disorder and I still have POTS. It's hard not to be anxious when you are always afraid you're going to faint! You don't want to be alone if you're going to faint. Also you don't want to make a scene in a public place if you're going to faint or feel faint and want to do something to take care of your symtoms like
  3. I am new here. Funny, because I believe I've had POTS at least since I was 5 years old! Five years ago at age 38 I was diagnosed with POTS from a cardiologist who did a Tilt Table Test on me and sent me on my way. He did not treat me and blew me off. I was seeing an alternative medical doctor at the time who prescribed me Florinef. It has really helped but not completely. I haven't seen a doctor for POTS specifically since I didn't know anyone who treated my condition. I a physician in close proximinty on this website who lives kind of near me and I was so looking forward to some help with my
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