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  1. Hi I'm new to all of this and haven't even had a TTT yet. What is the criteria for hyperadrenergenic POTS? How is it diagnosed? I've had a rash around the back of my neck for years and since my fatigue symptoms started I get adrenaline rushes when I'm just about to fall asleep and even wake up in the middle of the night from adrenaline rushes? Does that mean I have hyper POTS? I hope not
  2. Hello. I am new and likely have severe dysautonomia. I have all the symptoms. I want to ask about weakness in the limbs. I have constant weakness in my arms and leg muscles. Biceps and thighs mostly. I can feel it throughout the day and it gets worse if I over use them. I thought it was normal in dysautonomia but I havn't seen it mentioned that much. I always see this word "fatigue" and I am confused as to what it exactly means. I'm not tired, I don't feel "run over by a bus". I just have severe weakness and my muscles become sore very easily. Anyone else have this?
  3. This is not a propper introduction but I need some help. I have been dealing with extreme sweating, distented abdoman and thirst for over three years ever since comming off SSRI's. Within the last few months (possibly 4 months) I have gone worse and worse in terms of new symptoms. I'm just so scared about all of this and the fact that it continues to get worse. I am practically bedridden at my parents. I am turning 27 next month. I am male and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Let me start off by saying I have not been officially diagnosed with anything. My doctor is very confused about my symptom
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