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  1. Is it possible to get POTS from HPV vaccination as side effect? My son received his third vaccine on the April 9,2015 and got his first symptoms and syncope on the 18th of April. I have read an article from standinguptopots.org indicating that it's possible. Now days boys are recommend by doctors to get vaccine it. I am so worry that I might of caused this horrible symptoms to my son by giving him the vaccine. Should I report to the doctor about it? CDC? Please advise me with it. Thank you.
  2. They did X-ray on his calf and see if any thing is wrong with it. I don't know, can you see a blood clot by X-ray?
  3. Hi All. I need some supports. My son was doing really well until last Sunday. He was so pale and feels so over heated that he can't even walk or stand up. Now his having sharp pains in low left calf. I don't know what's causing it but it could be all related to current problem. We when to a urgent care for his leg and had his orthostatic test done. His reading was 121/68 laying down, 114/72 sitting and Standing 112/91. He felt unbalanced when he stood up. The urgent care doctor wants him to get TTT done as soon as possible. Finally, someone is pushing us toward the right direction. It's been a good and sad day at the same time. Thank you for listening...
  4. I have some questions for all of you. My son only has above symptoms when he is exercising. Is it possible to have POTS and not affect his everyday living. He hasn't had any problem going to school. (He just started summer school last week.) Also he can run about 2 miles and play tennis for about hour and a half without any symptoms except muscle cramps around his leg. I guess we will know more when he goes to see a specialist this fall but sometime I feel like he has POTS and some days I am not sure. But one thing is that we need to find what is wrong with him and help him get better. Thank you all for your help and advise. Have a wonderful weekend.
  5. Hi SarahA33. I am not sure what they did during ER visits but I will go ask his pediatrician about it. All the test results were sent to his pediatrician. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Raisin and Katybug for your advise. We did called one of the doctor from dynainc.org web site and currants he is on the waiting list. Earliest time that doctor can see him will be some time around September. Meanwhile, he is feeling little better and now practicing about hour and a half of basketball a day. Only symptoms that he is showings are diarrhea, fatigue, and excessive sweating. We are just happy to see him with some energy. Thank you again for your help.
  7. This is about my son who is 14 years old and having many of the symptoms that similar to POTS. Dizziness, Fainting Almost fainting Ringing in the ears Disorientation Can't run straight when he is having these symptoms Diarrhea Bright lights Floaters Anxiety Brain fog Sweating Over heating Heat sensitivity Leg cramps Exercise tolerance is very low These are the some of his symptoms. This all started three months ago, he fainted after the basketball game. He went to the ER and they diagnose as syncope and send him home. It was very hot at the gym and we just though that he was dehydrated and over heated from playing basketball and think nothing of it. About month later during basketball practice he fainted again. This time the temperature wasn't that hot but he was on a plank position so his pediatrician though that his blood was rushing towards his head and he forgot to breath and fainted. We took him to the ER again and ER doctor recommend us to taking him to the cardiologist. He had about 10 EKGs, all sorts of blood tests, Echo cardiogram, 24 hrs halter monitor, event monitor. All came out normal. Last fainting episode happened June 15th when he was at high school basketball try out. He fainted and we took him to the yet another ER. His coach tells me that both his arms and legs were shaking. I asked him if he can remember all the events of that dat and he said yes. But he could not control the shaking. After that we took him to the neurologist and he had sleep deprive EEG and came out normal. Right now, none of the doctors know what's causing his symptoms. All the test results comes out normal. He is very active 14 year old boy who loves to play basketball, tennis, and every other sports. He was named outstanding athlete of the year at his middle school. He is so sad and upset and why he can't play the game with same intensity as before this all started and why any of the doctors can't find what's wrong with him. I need your help. Please tell me what I can do for my son. The symptoms only happens when he is playing basketball and when the weather gets really hot while he is exercising. I know as parents I can tell him to stop playing but he loves the game and wants to play for his high school team. We have try everything and now we are trying acupuncture and oriental medicine to help him. We are really worry about him starting high school. we don't want to add addition stress to his current condition. Please advise me so that I can find help for my son. Thank you
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