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  1. Thanks everyone. Is there any thoughts on the dehydration in a drier climate than those in a more humid envirnment. Is it an issue? how about a drier heat being more comfortable than a humid heat. Is that a factor?
  2. Thanks for the replies- i appreciate it. So it would seem that the drier climate may be of benefit but altitude may cause some issues. Dose that sound about right?
  3. Hello My wife has recently been diagnosed with dysautonomia/POTS. we have been given the opportunity to move to Denver which we all know is at 5000 feet and has a driier climate. We currently live in MN which is humid and at 1000 feet. We would hate to move and exacerbate her symptoms. It has been difficult to find out much information on altitude and dry air on pots symptoms. Do we have any experience with people living in colorado or other higher/dry climates? i appreciate your advice and information.
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