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  1. As in one that will not go away/is permanently there. Mine started after a horrific reaction to pseudoephedrine and won't dissipate. Have tried everything (except depakote)
  2. And has it basically been a game changer for all of you? How many of you have symptoms even while laying down, not the tachycardia, but chest pressure, migraine, or other.
  3. Mine started as a reaction to sinus med Pseudoephedrine, and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same source as me.
  4. So I am now pretty **** convinced I have Hyper POTS. I thought I did given my symptoms and my BP going up when I stand up by about 15 points, when I take it at home supine and standing. Then I had a TTT, which showed level BP, and no rise on plasma norepinephrine, so I was like "****, I don't have it, ***?" But after doing another supine and standing yesterday, and matching that with my symptoms, it seems improbable I don't have it. So I'm wondering if anyone else has been dx'd with Hyper POTS, but had a TTT which didn't show it? What did they base your diagnosis on, if not the
  5. Is it safe to take Effexor if I have POTS (goes from 45 bpm to 150bpm, blood pressure goes up about 20 points as well, but not hyperadrenergic on my tilt table testing)? I am on propranalol for POTS. I am going on Effexor for migraines, because nothing else has worked. If need be I can switch up POTS meds, but am worried about taking anything that has norepinephrine in the name.
  6. Have had tachycardia, palpitations, brain fog, headaches, visual symptoms so **** long. Mid 20's male, had lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, others. What works? Does it resolve? Anyone tried Acetazolamide for headaches? Or is this bad for us since it's a diuretic?
  7. Hi, I saw that you have hyperadrenergic POTS like me, I was wondering what you are taking for treatment? I read that Clonidine and Labetalol taken together are the right treatment, but maybe not?
  8. Does anyone have this form of POTS? I have heard that Clonidine and Carvedilol or Labetalol is what works, as it blocks all relevant receptors. Any experience with these meds?
  9. I also have anemia (32 hematocrit). I tried IV Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin c + sodium) way before I knew I had ortho hypotension and I had an initial reaction of very strong fever, chills, shakes for several hours followed by feeling a lot of energy for the next 24+ hours and feeling my symptoms decrease dramatically, feeling peppy and well. But I also had some internal bleeding due to red blood cell thinning. Do people generally have a strong increased sense of wellness with IV sodium (saline, etc.)?? My doses were anywhere from 3mg sodium to 8mg sodium, so it was a lot, accompanied with abou
  10. I was diagnosed with LYme, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Cat Scratch Fever, West Nile Virus, Strongyloides and Toxocara about a year ago, all have been extensively treated as best we can. For one year prior I had dizziness upon standing and my vision would go out for a few seconds as well. The doctors looked at me like I was crazy when I said this. So fast forward to 6 months ago and I took some sudafed and my heart and bp went bananas, and i was in the hospital for 4 days, and ever since, along with the orthostatic hypotension has been intense intense tachycardia when i stand up and somet
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