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  1. Thanks, that was exactely the information I was looking for. I'm already wearing this one: http://www.wolfordshop.nl/product/boutique/opaque-naturel-forming-body/75061/g500004743 It already helps me, but I would like to try if I could have even more effect with ice packs. So I would like to try to wear something with icepacks over it. The binder you are wearing (NMPotsie) looks perfect for that, but I'm living in the Netherlands, so I have to see if I can get it shipped or something. Thanks for the information
  2. I was thinking about trying this product: http://nl.bodybuildi...re/aw/back.html Has anyone tried it out yet? I was wondering if it would help prevent pooling in my abdomen if I would wear it on my abdomen with the ice pack in it. What do you think?
  3. Thank you for your answer Corina. I've been to the ME/CVS centrum Amsterdam, There they did several tests, including a tilt table test. Half way through tests they told me I probably only had POTS, after the exertion test they said it was both ME/CFS and POTS. Later on a doctor told me POTS was just a part of the ME/CFS, not a condition on his own. So I got a bit confused about that. So I don't have a POTS doctor, just a ME/CFS doctor. I could have a NO test done myself, but what would dat bring me if I don't have a doctor to do something with the results? I hope someone can answer my questions about NO, I feel like I really need to look into that. Since I took the Lysine my hr and bodytemperature dropped and I've been feeling better, so that must mean something.
  4. I'm from Holland, so sorry if my English isn't perfect I've been diagnosed with ME and POTS this year, I've been sick and fainting for as long as I can remember and I'm 26 right now. I've been taking Lysine and it makes me feel a bit better, actually a lot better. I've been reading about NO (Nitric Oxide) and that this could be the reason that I feel better when I take Lysine, because Lysine slows down the Arginine that produces the NO. I do have vasodilation, so it fits the rest of the story. So you would think that this would mean that I have too much NO in my body. So is it safe to say that I have normal flow POTS? My doctor didn't know much about the NO story, so that's why I'm trying to find stuff out myself, I think there's something there. My doctor also thought that I have low blood volume. But I've read that normal flow POTS patients don't have low blood volume, is this true? He also wants me to quit taking the Lysine after 2 monhts, but I'm afraid to get worse after I quit the Lysine. Is there anything else that I could try to relieve my POTS symptoms? I've tried stockings and taking more salt and fluids but they didn't help at all, so I think my blood is pooling in my abdomen. I always need to go to the toilet after I've been upright for a short while, maybe that's a clue. My gastro intestinal system gets upset a lot. I've been told that I could try a diet with less carbohydrates and nitrates. As you probably already understand, I'm looking for answers, I want to know everything there is to know about my health issues. Anyone that could help me with that?
  5. I can't answer these questions, I've had POTS symptoms for as long as I can remember.
  6. I guess I'm the only one who only sleeps for 3 hours a night at the moment... I expected there would be more people with this problem.
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