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  1. Hi Friends! My friend's daughter was diagnosed with POTS a couple weeks ago and she reached out to me because she remembered I had told her last semester that I had POTS. Of course at the time she hadn't heard of POTS and didn't think much about it, but now, of course, she has an extreme vested interest. She was diagnosed by pediatric neurologist Dr. Kazi I Majeed at Medical City Dallas. They were both happy and relieved to GET a diagnosis but now the struggle is alleviating the symptoms. She's tried 0.1mg Florinef, salt tablets, water + gatorade, and walking on a treadmill at an incline 3x/week. Her daughter has had no relief and her teachers are starting to notice. She hasn't missed school yet but this poor girl needs relief and I feel for her!!! They are thinking about asking about Beta Blockers. This is a family that usually would prefer not to use rxs unless absolutely necessary but they are getting desperate to help their little girl, who before this was the absolute picture of health and vibrance! I suggested my friend call Dr Amer Suleman, which is who I see, and I've had an excellent experience with Dr Suleman (and his referral to nutritionist Dr Ron Overberg) to where my symptoms are manageable DRUG-FREE and I am living life so much better than I was 6 years ago when the symptoms started! Unfortunately Dr Suleman doesn't see patients under 16 yrs old. When my friend called Dr Suleman's office, the man who answered the phone wasn't very helpful and simply stated that Dr Suleman refers all patients under 16 to Dr. Lee Ann Pearse, pediatric cardiologist. When she called Dr Pearse's office, the receptionist stated they see POTSies but their website and any other web searches for Dr Pearse doesn't say anything about her specializing in this type of disease. I'm sure you all know how frustrating it is to have to educate your own doctors about POTS and how it can affect so many parts of your life and other organ systems. If anyone knows of another pediatric doc in the Dallas area that treats kids with POTS please let me know
  2. I will 2nd Dr. Suleman. When I did my research on POTS docs in DFW, the only ones I found were Dr Levine and Dr Suleman. I ended up going to Dr Suleman at The Heartbeat Clinic. I have been seeing him 1 1/2 years now. When I first came to him, he did the full battery of tests on me, to determine #1 if I had POTS and #2 the possible cause(s) of my POTS. I'm sure he can do whatever tests you need done. He is very thorough in that regard.
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