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  1. I guess the next step is to drink a big ol cup of coffee and look at my BPand HR. hopefully that will bring some answers my way. Could you guys tolerate coffee before dysautonomia?
  2. Does this happen to anyone else? And does anyone know why? I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. I used to drink it all of the time as a pick me up, and then for awhile I quit drinking it. I started drinking it again a few weeks ago, but this time around I am having the opposite reaction. Whenever I drink coffee now, I get immediately sleepy. I had a cup this morning and afterwards my hands and legs got shakey and my eyes got heavy. Now all I want to do is curl up and sleep. It makes no sense at all. Does anyone have an explanation? I hate to give it up entirely, but this is so not th
  3. Thanks for some insight. My doctor suggested it, but I told her the idea was a bit unsettling and I wanted to think it over. I can't help but wonder of this is a wise decision at only 22. Could it cause problems with fertility later on?
  4. After close to a year of waiting, I finally had my appointment with Vanderbilt yesterday. Didn't learn anything new, just once again confirmed my diagnosis of POTS and NCS. At this point I have exhausted most medications primarily due to allergic reactions to them. The doctor I saw mentioned starting medication used to suppress your menstruation since I get so sick during it. Has anyone gone through this? After being on here for close to a year, I dont remember any posts about it.
  5. I work training service dogs, so I hope I can be of some help. Most organizations will require that you spend time training with them, and even of you feel like crap, it's a great way to get ideas on coping with the dog and seeing just how you can use him. If you tell them that you fear you may not be well enough, they will question whether or not you will be able to give the dog daily exercise. You have to be able to provide basic care with an SD as ou do any other dog or they will begin to pick up bad habits. Be prepared to give them a list of things you would like for the dog to be able to
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