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  1. Hi all. I was going to college full time, entering pharmacy school, working almost full time at CVS pharmacy as a pharmacy tech, plus I help(ed) my husband with his towing business. I could actually drive the trucks and recover wrecks and tow cars, etc... and could go around the clock...... but I always dealt with weakness, severe extreme fatigue and general all over sickness every day for many years..... I was handling it ok up until I had a bad episode in april 2009, I struggled to get through my incompleted classes at college, and after finishing that semester late, I never recovered. I
  2. Hello everyone! I've been reading post after post for about 2 mths now and i've went through all of them at least twice! I've learned so much as this forum in an invaluable tool for me and a Godsend, a true Godsend. Im a 33 yr old mother of 2. I had my first episode of autonomic dysfunction in 2002 after coming down with mono really bad (pots hasnt been diagnosed yet, although i just failed the tilt table test and my appointment at vanderbilt is in feb) but Vanderbilt ER said it was Autonomic Dsyfunction, and after reading posts on here, it all makes sense. I was a straight A student in c
  3. Hi nowwhat! I have stiffness, then jelly legs back and forth. One day im so stiff that i baby step to the kitchen or barely able to roll over in bed or get up from a sitting or laying position, or heck, just any movement. Then the next day my legs can be jelly and wobbly. But I haven't ever really been stiff like this until this past year as my suspected pots has gotten dramatically worse with no improvements in over a year now, so the stiffness is new to me these past few months. Today im stiff all over really bad. Im still learning everyday, as i have new symptoms on a weekly basis. I
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