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Living with Dysautonomia: Patient Stories


WE WANT YOU! Tell Us Your Story About Living with Dysautonomia

As a part of this year's DINET Dyscussion Series, DINET will be sharing videos from people living with all forms of dysautonomia for October Awareness Month (October 2023). 
Sharing is EASY with our step-by-step tutorial! Videos need to be sent by Thursday, October 12th at 11:59 PM EST. Submissions will premiere on our YouTube channel on Thursday, October 26th at 1PM EST.

1. Record a 3-minute video answering the following questions.

  •  How long did it take to get diagnosed?
  •  How has your life changed (emotionally, socially, economically, etc.) since your diagnosis? 
  •  Have there been things that have helped you adjust to life with a chronic illness? 

2. Fill out our form and upload your video here!  (For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this video)
3. Join us Thursday, October 26th at 1PM EST to view all the video submissions!

*The questions are your guide to telling your story.  You don't have to answer all of them if you run out of time.  And don't worry about a blank moment or a cough or an interruption.  We can edit the video.

Please send questions or requests for technical assistance to dinetsocialmedia@dinet.org

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