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Dysautonomia Awareness Month





This year's DINET Dyscussion Series will dive into the topics of Mental Health, Depression and Anxiety with Chronic Illness, POTS Subtypes and Patient Stories.  

POTS Subtypes 101
POTS is the most recognized type of dysautonomia but it isn't the end of the story.  Understanding the many subtypes of POTS and the differences in symptoms and treatment is a vital part of management.  This important session will be led by Susanne Rimm, RN living with HyperPOTS.  Susanne has years of clinical and personal experience that she will bring to this discussion, as well as years moderating DINET's patient forum. 
10/5, 1 PM *

Mental Health and Chronic Illness, Part I and Part II
The Mental Health series will be presented in two sessions.   Tina Borsa, LCMHC and Lori Lohrmann, MA, professionals with years of experience in the field of crisis intervention, disability management and adolescent as well as adult care will join DINET for these discussions.  They are both also caregivers to close family members with chronic illness.  They will lend their unique perspectives to the subject of depression, anxiety, grieving, treatment and other topics from the clinical definitions to the real world experiences.   10/12 and 10/19 (Part 1 and Part 2) at 1 PM*

*If you can not be a part of the premieres of these videos, you can watch at a later date on the DINET YouTube channel along with over 80 original videos about living with dysautonomia.

Living with Dysautonomia: Patient Stories**
People living with dysautonomia all have important stories to share.  How it all began, the time to diagnosis, the impact on their lives and how they cope.  Patients recordings of their own stories shared with all of us. An important session that you are guaranteed to relate to and an important session to help a friend or family member learn more about your experiences. 10/26, 1 PM

** If you would like to submit a video for this session, you must do so by 10/12.  Please visit this page for information.

Ways you can help the Dysautonomia community during Awareness month.

  • If you value the work that DINET does, including the original videos, research, education for patients and the medical community, please consider supporting DINET with a donation or by volunteering. Your generous donations go towards providing our web services, maintaining our patient forum, providing printed materials, producing original videos, newsletters and multiple special projects to benefit the dysautonomia community and to help educate medical communities about dysautonomia.   There is no amount too small to be helpful.  Please  donate now through the PayPal Giving Fund.  
  • Print or email information from our website or request printed materials from us to give to medical professionals in your area, for support groups, for educators - coaches, school nurses and other people who interact with your teenage child and to give to family and friends to help them better understand your struggle.  Organizing a presentation about dysautonomia/POTS?  Request materials for your group webmaster@dinet.org
  • Join or start a local support group or begin a private support group  online. 
  • Participate in or begin a fundraiser for an organization or project that supports the dysautonomia community.
Whatever you choose to do, please reach out and spread the word.  



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