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    • VACCINE RECOMMENDATION:  DINET encourages all its members to receive the vaccinations and boosters for COVID-19, unless specifically advised against it by your medical provider.  To better understand the virus, the vaccine and the effects on people living with dysautonomia, please watch Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn's video "COVID-19 and Dysautonomia"

Dysautonomia Awareness Month 2021


UPCOMING EVENTS:  DINET will bring the experts to you with 4 speaker sessions about POTS throughout the month of October. 

This speaker series will feature sessions from premier doctors and researchers presenting the latest information about POTS, treatments, research and the facts about COVID and post-COVID illness and its connection to POTS.  

Each Tuesday, Beginning October 12th through November 2nd, join us for a livestream event on our YouTube channel.  Subscribe now to the channel to be sure you don't miss a single topic. 

Do you have questions for the experts?  Send them to webmaster@dinet.org  Select questions will be answered during the sessions. 

Learn about the sessions and mark your calendar! 


1505629870_BananaBagSharplogo(1).thumb.png.fba5ffbca7178c726b91ec0b73257ea8.pngA special thank you to our sponsor Banana Bag Oral Solutions for supporting this speaker series and for the many years of partnership and support for the POTS community.  We are deeply appreciative.

****Special discount for the month of October - 20% off on 5 pack and 15 packs of Banana Bag.  Use the discount code DYS2021*****

Banana Bag Oral Solution is an oral solution formulated to exceed the standards of the World Health Organization for maximum absorption of water decreasing the need for intravenous therapy. Combining high dose water soluble, full spectrum, B-complex Vitamins (including L-methylfolate & methylcobalamin) with Vitamin C. The Banana Bag Oral Solution helps replenish vital nutrients lost to chronic illnesses, such as POTS. All of these benefits packed into a convenient packet containing no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, dyes or flavors, non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan!  Learn more about their products at their website - www.bananabagdrink.com

Please consider supporting the companies that support the POTS community. - Thank you!


Ways you can help the Dysautonomia community during Awareness month.

  • Interested in seeing more educational series like this one?  Help with a donation to DINET.  Your generous donations go towards providing our web services, maintaining our patient forum, providing printed materials, producing original videos, newsletters and multiple special projects to benefit the dysautonomia community and to help educate medical communities about dysautonomia.   There is no amount too small to be helpful.   You can also choose DINET - Dysautonomia Information Network as your designated charity on smile.amazon.com  Every purchase you make includes a donation to our organization and it doesn't cost you any additional money.  There are many other ways to donate.  Anything you do to support us is greatly appreciated.  https://www.dinet.org/get-involved/donate/
  • Print or email information from our website or request printed materials from us to give to medical professionals in your area, for support groups, for educators - coaches, school nurses and other people who interact with your teenage child and to give to family and friends to help them better understand your struggle.
  • Join or start a local support group or begin a private support group  online.
  • Participate in or begin a fundraiser for an organization or project that supports the dysautonomia community.
Whatever you choose to do, please reach out and spread the word.  

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