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I Got My Tilt Table Test Results Today


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With the encouragement of all on this forum I took the TTT last week my cardiac EP ordered. It was not too umcomfortable, as if I had to stand for 20 minutes :blink: .

Well, I did not faint, but my heart rate did increase from 70 to 111, which means I do (still) have POTS. I have had it since 1991, but I no longer have low blood pressure (!!) and I don't faint easily anymore.

So be encouraged, it does get better with age . ;)

I am going to wean off the florinef I have been taking for 9 years since blood pressure is no longer a problem. He agreed to try me on an SSRI since fatigue and brain fog are my main complaints, and started me on 50 mg Zoloft. I'm so excited. I understand it may take a few weeks to work, but at least I have a hope of some improvement. I will keep you posted. Hopefully, Ellen :blink:

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Congratulations - well at least thumbs up on getting through the TTT and getting an answer. Good luck with the meds changes - although I would chat to your doc about maybe starting the SSRI for a couple of months before weaning off the florinef (if you only change one med at a time you are more likely to know what had a good or bad effect).


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